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Steve Heckman - With John in Mind


1. R.S.V.P
2.   With John in Mind
3.   Body and Soul
4.   Sad Poetry
5.   I Am Not Your Fantasy
6.   Eye of the Beast
7.   Everything Happens to Me
8.   Rodney's Red Raincoat
9.   Lost in a Champagne Fog
Artist: Steve Heckman
Title: With John in Mind

Steve Heckman - Soprano, Tenor & Baritone Saxes
Mathew Clark - Piano
Lee Alexander - Bass
Diego Voglino - Drums

Born and raised his first twenty years in Brooklyn, N.Y., Heckman absorbed many musical influnces during the exciting times of the sixties, first and foremost of whom was the great tenor saxophone icon John Coltrane. Heckman's debut CD, aptly titled "With John In Mind". represents the culmination of a lifetime of studying John Coltrane's sound and harmonic approch to improvising, and is an expression of tribute to the late saxophone master. Although " With John In Mind" consists primarily of Heckman's original compositions, they are performed with an emotional depth and spiritual quality reminiscent of John Coltrane. However, Heckman is not a carbon copy of John Coltrane (as if that itself is any easy accomplishment!), having developed his own uniquely expressive, poignantly beautiful, crystalline sound and cascading, serpentine yet lyrical approach to both improvisation and composition.
Heckman's saxophone playing was noticed at the age of seventeen, by the veteran bebop trumpeter Howard McGhee and trombonist Roswell Rudd. At college in Binghamton, N.Y. Heckman played with such notables as bassist Slam Stewart and trombonist Urbie Green. Moving to the San Francisco Bay area in 1977, Heckman became a member of trumpeter Eddie Henderson's quintet which at that time featured the rising young piano star Benny Green. Heckman has played with such notable international stars as Andrew Hill, George Cables, Jessica Williams, Chet Baker, John Abercrombie and many of the top talents that reside in and around the Bay area.
Heckman's playing has been highly praised by saxophonists as diverse as: Stan Getz ["Beautiful!"]; Charles Lloyd ["A beautiful talent"]; Pharoah Sanders ["This cat can PLAY] and Bishop Norman Williams
["Steve plays so much stuff on this CD, it had me in tears"]

Of his work, Jazz Now magazine reviewer Francesa Nemko wrote: "Some of the BEST playing I've heard ANYWHERE".

Steve Heckman - With John in Mind

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