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Kim Prevost & Bill Solley - I Would Give All My Love


1. Lover Man
2.   I Wish You Love
3.   I'm Beginning to See the Light
4.   Besame Mucho
5.   Summertime
6.   Blue Skies
7.   I Would Give All My Love
8.   Don't You Worry About a Thing
9.   Cafe Nights
10.   Fever
11.   Don't Explain
12.   Prelude
13.   Skylark
Artist: Kim Prevost & Bill Solley
Title: I Would Give All My Love

Kim Prevost - Vocals
Bill Solley - Guitar

For some inexplicable reason, there seems to be an unusally high concerntration of amazing guitarists in New Orleans. It's a unique fraternity, marked by an uncommon interest in the art of accompaniment. These Cresent City disciples of Joe Pass, Lenny Breau, Bucky Pizzarelli, and Pat Martino can blow their way through impossible intervallic leaps, awe-inspriing arpeggios and lighting single note runs with complete command. They seem to take great pride in coming up with new radical, almost mischievous reharmonizations of familiar themes.

A distinguished member of the frateral order of amazing New Orleans guitarist, is Bill Solley who unveils his impressive facility on the seven-string guitar in a variety of contexts. Classically trained, Solley also put in time playing locally with bands such as Bill Summers band (formally with the Headhunters), jazz diva Leah Chase, bluesman Luther Kent and he also led his own Brazilian style group and played with the five-guitar ensemble Twangorama. Shining in all of those settings. Solley found his perfect musical match when he hooked up with Kim Prevost who is the next Sarah and Ella rolled up into one, says Jazz singer David Watson. This is a duo that is versatile and depthful enough to do songs of Duke
Ellington, Hoagy Carmichael, Johnny Mercer, Stevie Wonder, George Gershwin, as well as their own originals. With Solley adeptly covering basslines and richly rendered chords simultaneously on his seven-string guitar (with a low A string), the smooth sultry voice of Prevost is free to soar, float
and wail over the changes with abandon. Prevost's haunting swoops and glissandi carry an inherent soulfulness that goes well beyound the notes, her intimate delivery has a mesmerizing effect. If jazz is the sound of surprise, in cd every note played and sung is jazz.

The long form of this bio, written on the inside of this CD cover, is by Bill Milkowski, who writes regularly for Jazz Times magazine. It has been editted for this web page by David Watson.

Kim Prevost & Bill Solley - I Would Give All My Love

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