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8:1 - 8:1


1. Mustang Sally
2.   Change In My Life
3.   Not A Word
4.   Wait For Me
5.   Can't Believe Your Gone
6.   Letting Go
7.   All I Need Is You
8.   My Heart
9.   I Don't Need Your Heart
10.   I'm So In Love With You
11.   Up The Ladder
12.   Shut De Do'
Artist: 8:1
Title: 8:1

Bud Anderson - Tenor
Dave Bohanon - Baritone
Billy Davis - Tenor
Kevin Downs - Tenor
Cardell Edwards - Bass
Jason George - Baritone
Andy Ramaley - Bass
Bud Anderson - Tenor

Ben Claypool - Bass
Keith Galliland - Baritone/Tenor
Ali Norbash - Tenor
John Stutler - Baritone/Tenor

There are limited copies of this CD, and we at Music In The Vines are proud to have them in stock. Known around the K.C. Mo. area, "8:1" was a household name in the world of music. This is a Do Wop group that shows other groups the way of close harmony. They did very little overdubbing on this CD and it's quality can be compared and rated as the very the best in it's style.

– James Jeffley, Producer

8:1 - 8:1

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